In conjunction with DAMNet.

In conjunction with DAMNet, Financial News is changing the way we create, curate and consume the news and other media. Trust in media and news is at an all time low as pundits and fake news steal hijack narratives to shape political and ideological views.

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FN + DAMNet = a whole new game in news.

We are creating a trustless news network that cannot be corrupted

The DAMNet does not require trust to perform network operatioins, instead DAMNet uses game theory and cryptography to insure network integrity.

Destroying fake news in its tracks.

Using game theory and cryptography, our mission is to stop fake news dead in its tracks.

Never again fall victim to fake news.

FN and DAMNet have teamed up to form the worlds first Decentralized Autonomous Media Network, DAMNet for short. This is the worlds first truly decentralized media network that uses game theory and blockchain technology to prevent fake news and misinformation.
Powered by Blockchain Tech and Game Theory

Through a combination of cryptographic tokens, game theory, and economic incentives, anyone may participate in the DAM network and effectively monetize their skills as an author, moderator, or content curator.

Community Owned & Maintained

The DAM network is ultimately owned and managed by the community via its governance token, DAMN. Governance tokens enable holders to access a variety of benefits.

Yield Farming for Gov and Utility Tokens

With the exception of the tokens that are created for the sale to the public as well as those going to the team, the vast majority of both the utility and all of the governance the tokens are created from farming.

Staking of Tokens as Guarantee of Content

Every action on the network requires staked tokens. Participants stake to do any action on the network or to get Author NFTs and Moderator NFTs. Each NFT token gets incrementally more expensive than the last one insuring network equalibrium of supply and demand.

Censorship Resistant Network

Returning Power to the People by utilizing blockchain tech, game theory and other cryptographic tricks, DAMNet opens up the floodgates to the free exchange of info even in the most repressive regimes where free speech is not allowed.

Anti Whale Tech Improves Security

To insure fair governance token distribution, we are have capped entries to $25,000.00 USD equivalent per address.

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Check out DAMNet and let's change the world of fake news and media bias once and for all with a truly  community driven project.